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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Awesome lamp!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Talk about an Epic Chair!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brilliant Idea Anyone? How cool is this!?

Brilliant Idea Anyone? How cool is this!?

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not in the mood to write much these days, but have plenty of cool things I see and want to share. So... Here's a fashion blog that Jeffrey Sebelia posted on his facebook. I love fashion but more importantly, look at how awesome those photos look? :)

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Um... Hello world! Is this thing still on? Forgive my lack of posting... This is going to be a quick update.

My Job - I had my 1st year anniversary January 18th! I've been with ActiveLAMP for a year! Crazy! I'm still in love with my job! And the people I work with are amazing! I've learned so much from them but as far as Drupal is concerned, it's still a mystery to me. :D But that's ok. I'm moving more into the project management role and I couldn't be happier! I'm truly blessed!

My School - So far school is going well. Getting A's so I can't complain. I still have a long way to go. I won't graduate with my Bachelor's Degree till May 2012 but I'm chugging along. One class at a time.

My Photography - It's slowed down quite a bit on a professional level just because I work full time and have school. Though I find I'm doing photography more socially than ever. I'm involved in a photo walk group called Rogue Photography. We meet the 1st Saturday of every other month, if you're in the So Cal area you're welcome to join us! And on the opposing months I get together with the other two founders of the group every 2nd Saturday for actual training on how to improve our photography skills.

Big Changes - I have a boyfriend. Talk about a big change! I haven't had an official boyfriend since Sam back in 2006! It's taken a bit to get used to. Having to think about someone else's feelings and time rather than just having the freedom to come and go as I please. Yet, it only took me a few weeks, now I can't imagine how I lived without him!

His name is Craig. We met mid-September and didn't really start talking until late October. We weren't official until December 22nd, 2010 when I finally got my head out of my butt and asked him to be my boyfriend. He knew how he felt a lot sooner than I did. I think with my history I just took a lot longer to see what an amazing guy I had right in front of me, one that loved me so wholly, in a way that was foreign to me until now. To be honest it scared me. But now, I have no reservations. Once it was official my whole thought process changed. I knew I loved him but I gave my heart more fully making it official. We're already discussing marriage and that's all I'm gonna say about that. ;)

My Schedule - You can imagine adding a new boyfriend to my already busy schedule almost threw me into a downward spiral but Craig has been amazingly supportive! Offering to help where he can or just being there to support me so we can spend time together.

My Brother - Those of you who actually stayed up on the goings on in my blog know about my brothers health and surgeries to rectify the health problems. Well he's a completely different man now. It's amazing to see how the surgery has changed his life for the better considering the pain and discomfort he was in beforehand. The surgery process of 6 months was very draining, emotionally as well as physically on all of us. But to see the improvement in his quality of life has made it completely worth it, he would definitely agree.

Anyways, that's all I can update for now. Posts will be hit and miss but I will try to keep up at least once a month. We'll see if I can keep up with it. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Job - I LOVE MY JOB!!!! It's amazing how from week to week I feel more comfortable and confident. I've brought in some of my personal stuff to decorate my space and it made it feel more like home. I really enjoy my job. My coworkers are all pretty cool and very smart. I've known my boss from my job at Integrity Online (we worked together) and he's a great boss here. Sure I work some long hours at times. I have gotten used to 12 hour days occurring on a semi-regular basis. It's not overdone. But when I have my part of the project, which is Quality Assurance, it's the tail end of the project closest to the deadline. I'm responsible to make sure the site looks and works the way the client specified. I enjoy the work. I also wear the hat of Office Manager. I take care of the smaller administrative tasks in the office.

San Francisco - I ended up going to San Francisco for work last month and had an absolute blast! I'll try to post a couple of my favorite pics! I had a hard time narrowing them down to 200 for Facebook! So we'll see what I'll be able to narrow it down to for the next blog post if I actually post pictures!

My School - I started school. I got an A in my first class and so far I've got an A in my second. I'm currently in Microeconomics and I'm enjoying this class more then the first. I should be doing school right now but I'm honestly just not in the mood to do it. Writing about my life doesn't take a lot of thought.

My Schedule - It doesn't seem like I've changed my social calendar much since taking on school. I still feel like I'm trying to fit it all in. Which I can't keep up. I will have to learn to say no. That's gonna be tough. I am a social person and being unemployed I really learned to be open to doing anything and everything at a drop of the hat. Now I remember how it was when I worked down in Ontario. Those were pretty much 10 hour days w/ the drive. I remember never having enough time to get everything done, and there were moments of just breaking down because I felt overwhelmed. I actually almost felt like my time of unemployment was a gift from God, to give me time to recoop, time to spend with Him, time for me! I am glad I didn't waste it. There were times I didn't take advantage of my free schedule, but for the most part I took opportunities to do things I'd never have the time to do.

Big Changes - Most of you have read about my brothers surgery. He's home now. He still requires a lot of care. They have him on a nutrition iv at night and there's been nothing but problems with the pumps they've sent over. At this point we're hoping he can just not use it because he's been eating better.

My sister is engaged! Mike met with me on a Saturday to try to come up with a plan. He knew he wanted it to be soon and he also knew he wanted me there to take pics of the moment. He just wasn't sure how to make that happen without it being obvious. I decided to be sneaky and plan a photoshoot and ask Heidi to be my model. She had no idea! It was awesome! And I got pictures of the whole moment! :)

So I really had intended to post some pictures but I think I'll just have to wait till next time.

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